This site came about because I believe the Lord is leading me to publish some of my experiences. Here are healing stories that I have experienced firsthand, including some of the healing of my farm animals. What I mean is that the Lord healed, not merely natural healing. There are also thoughts and musings on scripture, which have come to me as I read the word, and the Holy Spirit has quickened. My idea being simply to share what has come to me as I learn to flow in the Lord. I also include a section on the film, The Gospel of John, which has inspired me no end, and continues to do so.

I was not sure if I should share these things or not. I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. He put in my mind the story of the man who had been possessed by demons, and how he was delivered by Jesus. The man wanted to go with the Lord, who said no; He instead told him to remain in his own territory, and to go and “tell everyone the good things the Lord has done for you.” I am paraphrasing. Some translations say “tell how good the Lord has been to you.” When I read that, I felt God was talking to me directly through that scripture. That these things which I have experienced are to be shared, and some will be blessed by what they read. So be it! May you be one of those.

There was also a consideration of whether I should publish this under my name or not. I gave that some prayer and consideration. Finally, I decided not to include my name at this time on this site. Those who know me will recognise the animals and some of the people or events referred to in these pages.

If what you find here speaks to you, consider that the Lord is using these words to reach you. God bless you!

For those who wish to contact me, you can use the form below. I can’t guarantee I will answer to every inquiry, but I will try to do so.