A few months ago, I was tucking my French Bulldog, Dj, in for the night and felt a huge lump in his neck. It’s a sickening feeling to feel something wrong in your puppy’s little form. I didn’t know if it was a tumour or what it was. It did come there awfully fast, so I assumed it wasn’t a tumour.  I decided to wait for the next day and see how he was. As usual, I prayed for him and left it in God’s hands and went to bed.

The next day it wasn’t any bigger or smaller. I did a little research and it was pretty clear what this was: a saliva gland which was somehow impacted and not draining.

Dj TWR swollen saliva gland

The course of action is to go to the vet, and this condition requires surgery. It occurs because there has been damage to the ducts, and the saliva gland is not able to drain, so it will build up inside. Some will be seeping out through the broken duct perhaps, if not it will explode from the pressure I must assume. When the saliva duct is damaged, it does not heal on its own according to the veterinary expertise on the subject. I believe this injury happened due to a little wrestling scrap between Dj and my other dog over a bone–they had a little tiff earlier the same day the swelling appeared.

Surgery is drastic, and expensive. I know there’s a time for intervention. But first thing is to pray, and since this was not a situation that was going to kill him in the next few hours, I prayed for his healing. Of course! Always pray first, that is the thing to do before any other action. Asking for guidance and help and to pray for the healing of the person or creature. Unless, for some reason, the Lord tells you not to pray for a particular outcome. I’ve been in situations where I prayed, though I felt in my heart the Lord was saying it wouldn’t do any good for this person at this time. And…the healing did not come, or at least not in any time frame of which I was aware (healing can be gradual or immediate). I should have prayed for whatever the Lord put on me at that moment, and not just to go on automatic pilot. I hope you understand what I mean.

So I prayed and had faith and there was some relief.  In a week or two the swelling was drastically reduced.

I thanked the Lord. It was still not 100% right, but let’s say about 60% better. And it stayed that way for a month or so.

Then suddenly it became much worse–drastically swollen–one evening in April. It was quite large now, and I felt scared. I realised something had to be done, but felt the Lord telling me to have faith, and to not push the ‘panic button!

At the same time, I was dealing with getting rid of “accursed objects.” For the past few years I have had to deal with evil spirits in my life. This is quite a side trip in the story so I will put more on this topic in another section of this site.

I will just say here that I have had to look at a lot of things in my life–actions, behaviours, choices, books, objects–that were not of God. And if they are not of God, if they are of the kingdom of Darkness, they have no place in my life. This includes a lot of things around my past association with the so-called New Age. That’s another story, and I will try and deal more with it later! I learned the hard way that the New Age is old, and it’s not of the LIGHT. It is a counterfeit and brings curses and afflictions in the long run.

Anyway, there was an artwork I had been considering, what to do with it? It was an aboriginal artwork, and it was a gift. I really liked it and it was beautiful. Yet, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me it was not doing me good. It depicted lizards and a snake, turtles, and so on. A little research on the artist showed me that her art was about her spiritual native beliefs, including the idea that humans were made by beings from another world who came to earth, and made humans (yes, it’s that extra-terrestrial idea of the origins of life, in yet another guise, I am amazed at how prevalent this is). In their understanding, these “ancestors” from another world made creatures and humans, and then they became actual lizards, snakes and so on. So these animals are considered sacred as they are the manifested spirits of the ancestors–the gods so to speak–and are thus to be revered and prayed to and so on.

So that is of course a departure from the depiction of creation in the Bible. It would fit into the animistic belief system, where there are “spirits” in everything. The creation is thus worshipped, instead of the creator. However, in this particular aboriginal belief, the worship and reverence of animals, plants, or whatever, is actually worship of the creators, because these creators became these things after doing the creating!

My experiences with spirits at this point has really confirmed to me the dangers of this kind of thing, This is false worship, because they are worshipping something other than God. And it is not just misguidedly benign–the demonic kingdom takes this worship unto themselves. If you don’t believe this, well, don’t believe me. Ask God, and you will receive an answer. God didn’t say “don’t worship these ‘gods'” just to be demanding. They are not gods. They didn’t create anything. But there are spirits called demons, and they are real, they want you to worship and have rituals around nature, fertility, you name it. It is their religion, and they take power from these activities, and bring curses on you in the bargain.

And the whole thing points people away from the one true God who made us and loves us! He desires our happiness, our eternal life and even our healing in our lives today. There is nothing good God wants to hold back from you.

So back to my story. This painting was just laid there by my bed. I was in the bed, Dj was lying beside me, with his swollen throat, as big as a tennis ball now. I was praying about it, and for help from the Lord.

As I laid there, I felt like everything was vibrating. Because I was tired, I thought “oh, I am so tired, it’s like I’m vibrating with fatigue.” And I turned over to get more comfortable.

It was even worse. It seemed like the whole bed was vibrating. I turned again. No change. I felt scared. I realised this was not of the natural world.

I said “Lord, what is this?!” The Lord put the picture in my mind of the painting. I realised it was right there beside the bed! Could it be that I was supposed to do something about it right now? I had wondered if it was really wrong to have that painting here of the snakes and lizards in their “dreamtime.” Did it really matter? But now it struck me I should dawdle no longer on this! I really knew in my heart it had to go, when I really was honest, I knew.

I got up right away and took it out of the frame and cut it to pieces. Making sure every lizard and snake was cut in half!

Then I went back to bed. I said “Lord, it’s done. I know it was right to do that now.”

Immediately I heard thunder! It was a clear and quiet night, yet the thunder was loud over my house. I was shocked. I felt the Lord “speaking” in my heart with this thought, that I was to pray and just lay my hand on Dj.  I sat up and put my hand on him to pray for this to leave him now, as I knew it was connected to the witchery of the artwork just destroyed, and as I did I felt his throat was wet. I turned on the light. The saliva gland was flat, and the blocked flow had come out through an opening in the skin, soaking his fur!

THEN I felt an earthquake shake my whole house! I was so tired, so shocked, and so happy…I knew this was God working.

The next morning I checked the earthquake centre on the internet, but there had been no earthquake registered.

Look, don’t ask me to explain it all. How there can be a spiritual earthquake and it be felt by a person, but not an actual earthquake! I can’t explain these things. Yet it was so real that I felt sure it was an earthly occurrence as well, so much so that I checked the internet. There must be such a thing as an earthquake that registers only in the spiritual realm, that’s all I can conclude.

Since then Dj’s saliva gland healed perfectly. The “incurable damage” is cured, it is healed. All functions perfectly. Within a week it was difficult to even see where the skin had broken to let the liquid out. There was no infection and no after-effects. Everything works as it should…with no surgery.

This is a condition that does not get better “on it’s own.” A little research will reveal this is true, you can look it up on veterinary sites. So I thank the Lord for another miracle, and all that was involved, as it taught me, yet again, the importance of living a holy life–getting rid of all the accoutrements of the devil and what he uses to afflict us. God does not want us to be in that one-down position. He has given us victory in Christ, but we have to do our part in getting rid of anything that empowers the evil kingdom.

Below is a photo of Dj’s throat, taken in May. The problem occurred in March of this year. As you can seem there is nothing there now. It’s just normal. Bulldogs have loose skin anyway, but there is no swelling, no bulging, no blocked saliva gland. So all I can say is “thank-you Lord!”