Looking Good!

I wanted to post the most recent photo I have of the young bull who was brought back from the edge of death by the power of prayer alone. Isn’t he handsome! This was the little pot-bellied calf who was minutes from dying of bloat less than a year ago. You can read about his near-death experience here. Look at him now! If it weren’t for the power of Jesus over death and sickness, this animal would not be here today. What’s more, he is going to be a daddy! One of my cows is pregnant with his baby. Just think how the course of events can be changed by belief and prayer!

Maybe there would be little ones–human and otherwise–on the planet today if someone had believed for their would-be mama or papa when they were sick or dying.

God wants to heal.

He wants to heal all sickness, and have his will done in your life. His will is not that you be sick and suffering. It is not that you be poor, childless, orphaned, diseased. If the Lord cares about an animal, a farm animal, he cares about you and your loved ones. Healing is for today, it has not passed away with the original apostles. Jesus is the head of the body of believers, and we are his hands, his feet, his organs or “body parts” and we do what he did–he heals through us today. Praise the Lord!