The Wending River

Learning to Flow in the Lord

Mr. Moomer Had a Purpose

The gifts Mr. Moomer left us!


It is not a TOO-MAH! (A French Bulldog Healed)

Bulldog gets healed from a situation normally requiring surgery. Vets say "this problem doesn't get better on its own."


Does the Lord heal today? Does He care? It would seem yes, as even my dog has been healed of a persistent and lifelong problem: recurrent ear infections. And this at the ripe age of nine!

Instant Healing

Farmer Girl experiences instant supernatural healing in the summer of 2016, when an accident lacerates two fingers...

Update on Mr. Moomer

I wanted to post the most recent photo I have of the young bull who was brought back from the edge of death by the power of prayer alone. Isn't he handsome! This was the little pot-bellied calf...

Infertility Healed…In Ducks!

My ducks were unable to conceive, until the prayer of faith!

Mr. Moomer’s Near-Death Experience

I call it that because he was as near death as anything I've seen. BACK STORY Molly the Jersey cow came here October 2013, two years ago. The date now is March, 2016. She was pregnant, and in April she... Continue Reading →

Anniversary of a Healing

Jesus heals a chicken? Farm chicken receives divine healing.

The Wending, Meandering River

The path has been meandering and at times I am just floundering. Sometimes it's "sink or swim." And sometimes it's just letting go and being carried along.

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